Heaven, at every step.

~Happy reading!~

It’s not an everyday story and it doesn’t happen very often. living in a city like Delhi you can’t just pack your bags and leave to your heart’s content. That’s what I thought but it surprised me when one day my brother came back home early from office, rushed to his room. I saw him packing few clothing articles in his everyday bag and left saying “see you in 3 days bud“.

Later it was announced in the household that my brother went to his own mini vacation.

Hours later, I received a photo with the caption,
‘I can finally breathe brother’.

The scenery looked beautiful and I wished, just for a second, to be there. Relationship with my brother was rocky as those roads but even as ignorant brother, I saw how he desperately needed a break but just couldn’t catch one. His caption floored me in relief.

The whole day went by, and I got see many beautiful sceneries that he enjoyed but one that made him call at in the early morning, was a picture of a big rock which looked like a small cave. His voice was so light, unburden. He asked me if

‘it was possible to live inside a cave or something? To live alone surrounded with peace and nature?’.

It was possible but an individual who lived with the support of his parents and all the electrical gadgets, he wouldn’t survive but I told him ‘suree’, he was my brother after all. He told me how the air is different, and all the nature around, wants him to explore them. He ended the call with ‘take care bro. I’ll keep u updated’.

Next day, I woke up to two pictures from him, both pictures resemble of a temple in nowhere, the mountain valleys were visible with open sky and a flowing river. It was beautiful. So, mesmerizing.

I felt envy, where he was witnessing it all live, I only had a jpeg file of it. I still had no idea where my brother was and I didn’t ask him. It irritated me but the message he sent with photos brought me to tears.

‘I don’t know how I was able to keep it all inside but brother I know you must wondering why did i run away but if I stayed one more day in the chaos I might have lost myself in the crowd and it would be impossible task for anyone to save me. So, I decided to save myself instead.’

‘i saw this temple along the way, I stayed here for 3 hours or so and bhai i have never felt so alive. The chilly breeze is flowing right now. I am telling you. I don’t wanna leave but i know i have to. I have to come back to chaos but at least this time i would know how to’

I waited for him to complete the sentence but the photos were send hour ago and he still didn’t complete it.

In the afternoon, I called him up. I was too curious to know what he meant but that conversation never happened. He told me he reached to this iron bridge over a shallow river and he met someone like him, who ran away to have a bit of peace. He told me that the bridge was filled with memories from visitors, that the bridge had scribbling and scratches on them, wishing something or telling something, a secret maybe. He told me he will write something too, that he has something he needs to get of his chest.

I wondered what it could’ve been.
He was moving ahead to the city now, where he wish to buy mementos to remember his trip by. He again ended the call with “I’ll text you”. Why does people don’t do ending salutation anymore?

It frustrates me.

I kept staring at the photo of the bridge hoping to see one of those scribbles but no avail.

In few hours I received a thread of photos of him strolling through the markets, snaps of monks and a museum, of wherever he is. It all looks so pleasing and soothing. The streets with few people, no busy crowd pushing each other. Empty pathway to walk. It would’ve been so relaxing and I realized that I want to live in such areas, where I could go ahead with my day with no worries about traffic or breathe in the fresh air instead of the city polluted oxygen.

Who wouldn’t?

After the spam of photos, he sent out only one sentence,

“I am happy”.


Later at night, he called to inform that he got what he ran away for and he will be returning the next day. I asked him about his welfare and where he is staying the night and his reply was ‘under the stars, bro. Like any cliché movie’. He is crazy, i decided. He sent me a picture of his camp? He said he suddenly wished to be that dog.

He was back to ‘Iron bridge with memories’. He told me an old man with a goat allowed him and his ‘on-trip’ friend to stay the night with him in his hut.

Even though he is my elder brother and know he can handle the situation but this decision of his made me worry.

He ended the call with

“I’m coming back home, brother. See you soon. Bye”

I was happy and the fact he sounded so happy and giddy made me smile a little bigger. I received photo of the old man who was kind enough to cook for them too and the photo of the goat. Apparently, the pet goat doesn’t like them with the way he keeps whining.

I went to bed with the last photo of his trip, a campfire and relived that my brother is okay and no one will kill me in his sleep and he will be back home soon.

He will be back home soon, just fine.

Ooh the mountains, valleys, markets belong to McLeod Ganj.

With lots of love💜



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