Centuries of Essential Oils

The Essential Oils of Flowers~

World existed way before us. We know. Many things developed with time and throughout the centuries, essential oils have been used in hundreds of ways by many different cultures. Often derived from plants and flowers, they’ve been known to carry amazing benefits.

So i searched around and found out that the first recorded use of their healing powers was discovered in cave paintings in France dating back to 18,000 BC.

Countries like, Egypt and India is commonly considered one of the first cultures to use aromatic extracts and became renowned for their knowledge in this area. They regarded their herbal medications and ointments highly, with priests the only people allowed to use them in ancient times.

India is known for its Ayurvedic health philosophy blending spiritual and philosophical elements, widely practiced in India today.

Similarly, Traditional Chinese Medicine is recognized for its use of medical techniques that include essential oils. The Greek and Roman people also made use of essential oils, having derived much of their knowledge from the Egyptians. In Western Europe, it is believed that Knights and their armies passed on knowledge they learnt throughout the Middle East.

Today, essential oils are regularly used in aromatherapy treatments and added to cosmetics for their vast healing benefits.

Thank you so much for reading. I’ll be back with more.



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