Elevated Happiness

Hi, Hello. Welcome back to my essential oil series. I thought i already covered stress and sleep remedies, time for more elevated stances.

This dramatic title is for the essential oils which hold the characteristics to make you calm and bring happiness-like feelings. In other words Oils which helps uplift your mood and make you happy.

So first is:

Lemon Verbena Essential Oil

This oil comes from the lemon verbena plant which was originally native to South America but was introduced in the 17th century to Europe. By the 18th century, it spread to the Mediterranean and North American regions.

The lemon verbena plant has a thin stem and long, pale green leaves which undergo steam distillation to extract the oil. Lemon verbena oil has a fresh, lemony, sweet scent and a pale olive or yellow in colour.

How it helps:
  • stimulates immunity
  • nourishes creativity
  • uplifting and invigorating
  • encourages imagination
  • promotes a happy mood
  • relieves anxiety and depression
  • alleviates respiratory problems

Next is,

Bergamot Essential Oil

Its place of origin is debated, from Southeast Asia to Europe to Greece, but the oil has long been used as a pick-me-up when people are plagued with tension, stress, or low moods.

This oil comes from the peel of the fruit of the bergamot tree when the fruit is cold pressed. Because of its citrus but spicy aroma, it’s often used in perfumes and other cosmetic applications.

How it helps:
  • useful for respiratory problems
  • alleviates skin issues
  • antiseptic
  • energizing
  • stimulating
  • relieves stress and tension
  • pick-me-up

We are very close to the end of the series. Few more to go!




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