Biggest Haul of Remedy Flowers

So obviously i was bored and decided to make you guys a big list of flowers, that can practically solve your life for you. Seriously.

Here we go:

Blue Lobelia

Native Indians used Blue Lobelia as a treatment for syphilis as well as less severe ailments. Tea made with this flower helps to relieve fevers, coughs and colds, and digestive problems.

Butterfly Weed

Also used in Native Indian cuisine, Butterfly Weed is primarily effective in treating respiratory and related lung issues. When ingested in large amounts, it can be used for internal cleansing and pain relief. Direct application to the skin in the form of a poultice can help to reduce swelling or heal wounds.


The bright yellow petals of calendula flowers are most effective when mixed with other substances to create ointments or creams. It can then be used on the skin to heal burns, cuts, and wounds.

California Poppy

Don’t worry when using California Poppies since they are not addictive and do not have any opium in the plant. However, it can be used to help reduce anxiety and insomnia, as well as bladder problems in children and adults. California Poppies can be used along with other natural sources over a longer period of time to help with depression and fatigue.


When separated from the base of the flower (which is bitter), Carnation petals can be brewed to make an excellent tea to reduce anxiety, agitation, stress and fatigue. Moreover, it also has a healing effect on the skin and can bring down swelling.


Dandelions are very effective for cleaning the blood and also helping with related issues, such as anemia. In Native American culture, it was also used as a laxative and a tonic of overall wellbeing.


Used in moderation, foxgloves have proved to be valuable in curing edema (previously known as dropsy). It is also used as a tea to remedy coughs and colds or as a compress for skin swellings or sores.


Gardenias feature heavily in Chinese medicine for blood cleansing and disorders, bladder problems, and physical injuries. It also works on a mental level in helping to alleviate depression, stress, anxiety, insomnia and similar disorders.


Sweet, exotic jasmine flowers do not only make delicious cup of tea, but they also aid in digestive issues, stomach ulcers and ulcers. Sipping this brew before bedtime can help to ward off insomnia and anxiety.


Honeysuckle flowers are safe to eat raw and can be used to create an antibacterial gargle wash for sore throats. Skin rashes or inflammation are also effectively treated by applying a paste made from the flowers.


Hyssop has been used as far back as Biblical times and is renowned for its potency against sore throats, bronchitis, congested chests, rheumatism and arthritis. It can also be used to improve circulation of the blood.


Lilacs can be steeped to make a tonic that reduces fever and to get rid of internal parasites. Skin burns or wounds are soothed and heal well when a paste or gel made from lilacs is applied.


Lotus flowers are popular in both Eastern and Western cultures for their effectiveness against fever, diarrhea and also more serious illnesses such as cholera and bronchitis. A syrup made from the flower provides much relief for bad coughs.

May Apple 

May Apples are extremely potent (even toxic) and should be used very carefully, preferably with the supervision of a professional herbalist. A small amount can be brewed as a tea or tonic to make a powerful laxative and can also bring on vomiting.


Passionflower contains medical properties best suited for treating disorders such as insomnia, agitation, anxiety, and epilepsy. It also acts on the nerves to reduce pain and induce a calming sensation.


Medicinal use of Peonies dates back to the ancient Chinese civilization. Consuming a tonic made from the flower is helpful as a muscle relaxant in cases such as general muscular pain and cramps and also menstrual discomfort.

Plum Flowers 

Plum flowers are primarily used in Chinese medicine to free the body from parasites and ulcers. They are also used to boost digestive health.


Roses contain a good deal of Vitamin C and are very safe for human consumption. The petals can be eaten raw to increase blood circulation, and they also relieve depression. Rose tea acts as a mild laxative. A paste or cream made from the petals does wonders to improve the condition of the skin, especially on the face.

Rosy Periwinkle 

Rosy periwinkle has traditionally been given as a tea for diabetes and high blood pressure. It has also made the news in recent years for its beneficial properties towards diseases that include leukemia, cancer and Hodgkin’s Disease.


Consuming a brew made from sunflowers helps greatly with ulcers and menstrual cramps. It can also be used as a wash for gargling in cases of sore throats.

Hope you guys liked it. I worked hard on it.

Thank You.



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