Introduction Required. 

You there?

Oh well, Hello!

Few days back, me and my sister were talking about my “non-existent” blog and she mentioned something about introducing myself?

And i thought why not? (and she forced me to do it)😊

Okay so about me,

Tbh i don’t know myself that well. I’m soon-to-be 18yrs old, living the “basic” college life, eating the street food more than the homemade meals, stressing over my outfits for College everyday then choosing the most comfortable attire. Like I said “basic”

I like to be funny and make people laugh or i just try. Eh.

I have dedicated half my life to cats and right now I have 4, 2 adults 2 kittens and most probably there would be posts on Felines and I will prove that there is more to them, better than the title of “lazy n selfish”.

I believe in feminism and equality in the world and when i say feminism, i mean equality for both genders NOT just females, Males deserve respect as much as a woman does. There’s nothing in between.

I like curse words, fascinated by them but don’t like to use it. I like spices to an extent where it makes my eyes and nose water.

I don’t make sense. Bless the souls of the people who are in contact with me.

Kidding. I’m not that bad.

Or am I?😏

Moving on..

Books are my safe haven. Nothing can heal me better than a book. Any book. I don’t discriminate but i do judge.

Judging doesn’t mean that i have a cruel mindset, it means that i have a set of standards which i don’t wanna cross. Just like being negative doesn’t always mean having bad thoughts, it can also mean that the person is a practical person and thinks everything through before doing anything.

I am a bathroom dancer and i have many bruises to prove it. Just wanna put this in.

#This post is getting heavy.#

My sister asked me what am i gonna write about, in this and all these thoughts came into my mind. There is so much i can share.

Everything that catches my attention would be in this, I can promise that😂

I ranted for so long and didn’t mention my name. Well,

“I like mystery and my name would be one.”

But i am pretty sure I messed up the blog ‘setting-up’ process and typed down my name somewhere.

And this is it.


Lots of love,



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